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How to Present CAS to Your Clients
Learn the benefits of offering client accounting services to your clients, and the best ways to do it!

Client Accounting Services (CAS) is more than just outsourced bookkeeping. It is a broader set of services, united by one overarching mission: to be able to provide your small-business clients with the customized set of services and timely insights they need to be more successful. This approach encourages firms to deliver a much wider range of financial and accounting services than most have offered in the past.

For your clients, CAS can mean better insight into how their business is performing, more peace of mind, and the ability to focus on what they’re best at – running their businesses.

You know CAS is what your clients need - but how do you let them know it?

In this ebook, we will:

  • Learn more about the benefits of offering CAS to your clients
  • Highlight best practices around presenting CAS to clients who might be unfamiliar with it
  • Show how AccountantsWorld can help simplify the entire CAS process with Accounting Power®

The underlying goal is always to make CAS a win-win for your firm and your clients. Download your copy today and let’s get started!

How to Present CAS to Your Clients

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